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Welcome to Romantic Iko! Tours.  We believe in a unique and personable tour experience.  Our motto is:  Friendly People Make Friendly Excursions.  Since 2008, we have offered fun and exciting excursions for Students studying in Montreal.

We offer a trip designed specifically for language school students on most Saturdays of the year.  We travel by coach bus, and we are usually a group of about 40-50 International Students.  Members of our excursion group come from all over the world: Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Taiwan, Venezuela, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, the United States, and many more.  This makes us a very interesting way to meet friends from other countries.

Our trips are given in English.  In an international bus with a veritable plethora of first languages to choose from; English is the most effective form of communication.

Our three biggest trips are:  Quebec City and Montmorency Falls, Ottawa and the Museum of History, Niagara Falls and Toronto, and New York City.  We have one of each of these trips on most Saturdays of the year.

Friendly People

Marcus at the Quebec Festival de la nouvelle France

Marcus Bender is the founder and president of Iko! Tours.  He is also the tour guide for most of Iko!’s trips.

A former English as a Second Language Teacher, Marcus has been a tour guide for over ten years.  He speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese and German.  He can also speak some Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and a little bit of Romanian.

Marcus comes from the province of Ontario.  His hometown is Waterloo, Ontario – which is famous for the Blackberry Mobile Telephone and hometown hero Justin Bieber (yay!).  He has lived in Montreal for ten years and loves it.  He has been to Niagara Falls over 200 times in his life.  His dream is to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel.  Like every Canadian, he plays ice hockey three times a week.  He has travelled to Japan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and all around Europe.  Make sure to say hi to Marcus when you are on your trip.

Iko and the Famous Ottawa Spider


Friendly Special Events

We also have some special cultural events.  For example, Canada Day in Ottawa.  Imagine being with 500,000 patriotic Canadians on parliament hill in Ottawa on July 1.  Truly, an unforgettable experience.

The Ottawa Tulip Festival in May is super exciting.  And, how about the Fall Colours of Mont-Tremblant?  Don’t forget the Ice Hotel in Quebec City and the Winter Carnival.  And a couple of hockey games, the Sugar Shack, and some ski trips will fill up the rest of your time while you are here in Montreal.

Canada Day in Ottawa

Canada Day in Ottawa

Iko! Excursions at the Ice Hotel

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Iko! at Table Rock Point in Niagara Falls

Iko! at Table Rock Point in Niagara Falls

Iko! Excursions in Mont-Tremblant

Iko! Excursions in Mont-Tremblant