Niagara Falls in Winter

Date: Saturday-Sunday 2017:

  • January 14-15
  • February 11-12
  • March 11-12
  • May 6-7
  • October 28-29
  • November 25-26
Time: Saturday 7:00am – Sunday 10:00pm
  • Leave Montreal Saturday morning
  • Sleep in Niagara Falls – a five minute walk to the Falls – at the TravelLodge Michael’s Inn
  • Home in Montreal by 22h00 on Sunday
  • Opportunity to go up the CN Tower and explore the tunnels behind Niagara Falls
  • A great way to see Niagara Falls almost frozen in the Winter


On this trip, you will see:

  • Niagara Falls!!
  • The Journey Behind The Falls
  • Niagara Falls at night
  • Toronto Downtown
  • The CN Tower
  • …and much more!
Niagara Falls.  The great, the wondrous.  The most voluminous Falls in the World.  One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

If you haven’t already seen the Falls, you must.  If you have already seen the Falls, you should see them again.  This is the most popular tourist destination in Canada.

Winter is an interesting time to visit the Falls.  The Mist from the Falls sticks to the trees and freezes, creating a veritable kaleidoscope of beauty and splendor.  As well, The Niagara Parks are covered with beautiful Christmas lights – it really is a wondrous winter experience.

We will also visit Toronto – the Big City of Canada.  If you have never been to this metropolis, don’t miss this trip!

Please note that the transportation for this trip will depend on how many people we have signed up.  If we are a big group, we will be in a coach bus.  Both are fun and comfortable!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.  Or click here for reservations.  Thank you!

Optional Activities:
Journey Behind the Falls – $15
CN Tower – $25

Journey Behind The Falls

Journey Behind The Falls

Niagara Falls At Night

Niagara Falls At Night