Waterpark Mont St-Sauveur

Waterpark Mont St-Sauveur

Date: Sunday 2017:  June 25
Time: Sunday 10h00 – 19h00
Price: Student Price: $65, Early Bird Special: $60
Quick Information:
  • Transportation by school bus
  • Entrance to the Waterpark
  • All Day at the Waterpark
  • Great Times
On this trip, you will see:

  • The Mont St-Sauveur Waterpark
  • The Colorado River
  • The Wave Pool
  • Over 4 kms of Waterslide awesomeness


Tired of the heat?  Wanna spend the day in the Water and the Sun in The Mont St-Sauveur Waterpark?  Now is your chance!

We are going to the Waterpark on this trip.  Over 15 different Water slides, including the “World-famous” Colorado River.  There is also a wave pool and a chillout water stream on inner tubes.

Bringing a bathing suit and sandals is recommended.

Come to the Waterpark and get out of the heat!  I love this trip.  It is plenty of fun.  Call us if you have any questions.

Mont St-Sauveur Waterpark